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CFDs Overview

Ask veteran traders and they would consistently share that trading indices offer a lot more advantages than trading individual stocks. Instead of keeping track of individual companies to look for rise and falls in value, you only have to look for bearish or bullish positions of industries. And what better way to trade in indices than trading with United Unisol?

Less volatile and more profitable, you can now start trading in multiple indices from one single account. At United Unisol, we offer the edge in trading indices that’s hardly offered in the market. We offer exceptional trading platforms, institutional grade liquidity and other facilities.


“The platform they offer to trade is one of the best. A lot of insights I have on trading are from the platform. I’m happy I went with Oxour for my trading requirements.”

Why Trade CFDs

If you intend to make high profits by trading in indices, you also need a comprehensive platform that can complement this vision of yours. That’s why the market recommends trading with Oxour. With us, you get:

  • Leverage Upto 1:100
  • Deep liquidity and competitive spreads.
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Over 30+ global indices you can choose from to trade.
  • Extensive customer support.